What Is Roof Seal?

Roof seal offers specialised coating for your roof. It protects old roofs and new roofs alike against the elements such as water, wind, and even brushfire.

What Are the Benefits of Roof Seal?

Roof seal provides important benefits to businesses and homeowners: it protects your investment. Damage caused by weather and moisture always gives way to more systemic and expensive repairs. Roof seal prevents that scenario from playing out and delivers several important advantages. Let’s review a few of these:

Aesthetic and Kerb Appeal

There’s nothing like having a roof that looks fresh. An old and tired roof shows neglect and delivers a negative message about the owner. kerb appeal increases your enjoyment of your home and helps you maximise its value when it comes time to sell. Making your neighbours happy is another bonus that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Improved Longevity

Your home or business is an investment. Roof work extends your roof’s lifespan by protecting it against inclement weather and moisture damage. With the proper roof seal, owners can extend their home’s roof by as much as ten years! Not only does this protect your investment, but it also adds up to significant savings.

Energy Saving

Roof seal offers energy-saving benefits by protecting against heat and UV damage. These raise your air conditioning bill during the summer months considerably. Conversely, roof seal helps to keep you and your family warm during cold weather through its insulating effects.

Do You Need Roof Seal?

Roof seal should be considered as a necessity when it comes to roof restoration. Tiles wear out, and roof seal helps them stay healthy for a more extended period. Terracotta roofs, in particular, require a high-quality roof seal as their materials are more prone to fractures and breakage. Tropical climates bring extra moisture and also pose a greater need for a quality roof seal.

What Are the Benefits of Roof Seal for Metal Roofs?

The overlapping metal panels used in metal roofing makes moisture a severe issue. Roof seal offers metal roofs the added protection that will keep moisture from creeping in and damaging your home’s ceiling. Less rust and corrosion mean less repair and greater roof longevity.

Waterproofed Metal

Metal roofs are fastened down, but over time, moisture can damage the coatings. Over time, more moisture finds its way into your home, leading to mould, rot, and infestations.

Polished Metal

No one wants a tarnished-looking roof. A loss of vibrancy comes with age for metal roofs. Roof seal not only helps to protect against a drab appearance but can make old roofs look like new.

Which Roof Seal Do You Need?

Different roofs need different types of roof seal. Metal, tile, shingle, or slate are just some examples of roofs requiring a roof seal. Weather is also an important factor. Different kinds of roof seals are needed in different climates. Make it a point to discuss your situation with experienced roof contractors to find out the best option for your home or business.