How to Budget For the Cost of Patching a Roof?

Do you have leaking roof problems in your property? Are you wondering whether to replace your roof with a new one or whether you should patch it?

A leaking roof can soon turn into a bit of a disaster if you don’t attend to it in good time. It allows rainwater to mess up your property or could even be an entry point for rodents and other pesky pests. It is essential to take immediate action once you notice that your housetop cover needs repair.

It is necessary to understand the costs involved when repairing your roof to avoid nasty surprises. Here, we help you to know how to determine roof patching costs to ensure that you do not pay over the top for a small task.

Determine Your Type of Roof

The first element to consider when budgeting for your roof repair is your roof type and design.

Each roof type comes with its unique repair costs. It is more affordable to fix a patch on a flat roof than a sloped one. A slope roofing calls for extra labour, which naturally increases your total cost of repairs.

Besides, your roofing material determines the size of the budget you’ll require. For instance, a house with Asphalt shingles roofing will cost less than one with metal, ceder, tile, or concrete roofs. It is vital to account for these aspects as you come up with your overall repair budget.

Roofing with dorms and other designs also call for additional expense as they create a complicated repair situation.

Account for Roofing Permits and Fees

Apart from your roofing type and material costs, roof repairs require you to have a permit from local authorities.

You’ll need to pay some fees to go ahead with your repairs, and while you may not pay it directly to the authority, your roofing contractor will make the necessary arrangements and add the costs to your quote.

Nonetheless, some contractors may take that opportunity to exploit you. So, it is vital to ensure that you have current information as regards permits and fees, which the local authority charges for your type of work.

Assess the Size of the Patch

Undeniably a minor patch calls for hourly rates as it won’t take long to fix. A massive leak, however, comes with a huge budget and may require a per-job quote as it may take a couple of days to put right. You may need to account for more roofing materials for larger roof repair jobs.

As a reputable roofing contractor in Moorabbin, we’ll advise you on which cost approach is most economical for your size of the job.

Rooftop Accessories

Sometimes, your house may have distinct rooftop elements such as skylights and chimneys.
When the roof damage affects them, your contractor will as standard, cost the job higher. You’ll need to add repair costs for materials and specialist labour. Hence, check where the leakage points on your roof are before setting aside your repair budget.

Final Thoughts

In a word, it is vital to consider the above elements when budgeting for a patch in your roof. Ignoring these elements could attract other massive costs, such as an entire roof replacement.
If you’re having difficulties in determining your roof patching budget, do feel free to reach out to our friendly team at Roofling. We will help you to draw up a comprehensive budget and give you a competitive quote before handing you over to our reputable roofing contractors.