Is Roof Restoration Worth the Cost?

Roof restoration means having professionals clean, repair, or replace the tiles of your roof. With weather and the passing of time, your roof will inevitably need to go through a restoration to avoid structural damage and compounding costs. Here’s what to look for to determine if it’s time for your roof to be restored:

  • Leaking roof
  • Sagging roof
  • Roof valley deterioration
  • Corroded roof
  • Mould, moisture, and organic matter
  • Damage to shingles, downpipes, and gutters
  • Damage to tiles and flashing
  • Leaking Roofs

Frequent leaks mean restoration is in order. If you notice bulging or staining in the interior, you likely have a leak. Mould and rot may be present in your ceilings and walls. This can cause serious structural damage and health problems.

Sagging Roofs

A sagging roof looks like your ceiling is dipping. This almost certainly indicates damage, especially in the rafters.

Corroded Roofs

Moisture produces rust, and this affects seals, fastenings, and fittings. If you find rust with paint that’s flaking or if you notice any rot, hire a professional before complications occur.

Roof Valley Deterioration

Roof valley deterioration ought to be fixed without delay. Like leaks, degradation leads to a host of problems. Check the state of the materials around your chimneys, pipes, and vents. If you notice damage, the roof seal is likely not doing its job anymore.

Roof Longevity

Depending on the materials used, most well-kept roofs last between 20 and 25 years. If you have an older or damaged roof, restoration is likely your best option as multiple and frequent repairs add up fast.

Roof Tiles and Flashing Damage

Flashing is often made of cement or tar, which cracks with time. New metal flashing helps deter leaks. It only takes one broken tile to create a host of expensive problems. As water and moisture creep in due to faulty tiles, systemic damage follows.

Roof Shingles, Downpipes, and Gutters

Shingles tend to curl with wear. Then they break and fall into your gutters. Downpipes and gutters are often the first things to show signs of roof problems. Moreover, downpipes and gutters eventually succumb to rust and need to be replaced.


Mould hurts your home’s kerb appeal, and it causes alarming health problems. You can identify mould by its distinct smell, slick patchy appearance, and dark colour.

Restoring Roof Tile

Roof restoration is often needed due to weathering or fallen debris. It includes new tile installation followed by the application of a roof sealant for water-tight protection.

Restoring Metal Roofs

Restoring modern metal roofing involves addressing racks and the application of a roof seal.