Performing Roof Restoration in Number Five Farm and Surrounding Areas


Your roof, being the essential line of defence against weather adversities, needs adequate care and maintenance. A failure to do so can pose threats not only to your property but also to the safety of your family and neighbourhood.

Roofling offers its unique roof restoration services to all Number Five Farm residents.

Our roof restoration process generally involves a thorough cleaning of your roof using high pressure water so as to dislocate any dirt particles or residue material that can potentially damage it. If we find traces of moss or fungus on your roof, special treatment is administered to get rid of them.

Our expert roofers also carefully examine your roof for any broken or missing shingles and take appropriate measures to repair them during the restoration process.

By the end of the roof restoration process, you find your roof in its epitome of strength and glory.




We help provide your roof with appropriate care and protection through our thorough roof cleaning and repair services, where we ensure that your roof is restored to its former glory. We pay attention to detail and use only the highest quality materials.


Our expert Number Five Farm roofers manage your roof installation process from the beginning to the end while ensuring a seamless workflow. The roofs we install come with a guarantee to withstand adverse weather conditions and provide protection for years to come.


We can help maintain your roof to its ideal condition by providing regular roof inspections and on-time roof repairs without delays that can possibly aggravate your roof’s deteriorating condition and end up in hefty repair costs.

Residential Roofing

Your house is one of your biggest investments in life; one you can’t make every other day. Neglecting your roof during or after its installation could pose a threat to your lifetimes’ worth investment.

At Roofling, we understand the value of your roof and therefore, whether we install or repair it, we do it to last a lifetime.

Our highly professional residential roofers are equipped with the state of the art tools as well as installation and repair skills to carry out the task to perfection. We make use of only the best of the roofing materials available in Number Five Farm and therefore guarantee its longer life span.

Commercial Roofing

A poorly installed roofing system over your commercial property can cause unexpected delays in the smooth functioning of your businesses.

The cost incurred during these delays coupled with that of repairing and fixing your roof can easily bypass any amount you saved by handing over the installation task to immature roofing contractors.

At Roofling, we have a team of licensed roofers all set to take on the commercial roof installation as well as repair tasks head on. We have years of experience doing the same for hundreds of companies just like yours and are therefore well equipped to handle the job.

When we take care of your roof, you can rest assured that it will meet all the building codes established by the state, will be visually pleasing without compromising on its strength and that it will be a long term investment rather than proving to become a liability instead.

How Do I know if I need Roof Restoration

The need for roof restoration might in some cases become very obvious; however more often the signs are not so easy to comprehend. The appearance of moisture trails along the interior of your house is one indication of a leak within your roof that needs to be repaired and restored. Rust or corrosion around the roof’s fittings is often taken for granted however that too is an indication of the lowering strength of your roof.

Sometimes cracks appear along your roof’s flashing that ultimately lead to leakages in the roofs. Similarly broken or cracked tiles can also allow water to seep through your roof. All these are signs which point towards an impending need for roof restorations.

Average Roof Restoration Cost

Roof restoration costs depend a lot on variables such as the size of your roof, the material of which it is made, the height at which it is located and so on. It is therefore impossible to know the exact cost that might be incurred during your roof restoration process.

For an accurate quote for roof restoration on your home, please contact us today. We can provide accurate quotes to give you an idea on the price and process to restore your roof.

Why Hire Us for

Roof Restoration

When it comes to choosing the right contractors to trust with your roof restoration work, make sure to look for roofers who are licensed, have years of experience providing the same services to others, as well as are known to pertain to a certain code of ethics while carrying out their job.

At Roofling, this is precisely what our diligent roof restoration Number Five Farm experts take pride in.

We believe in providing only the best of roofing services to our clients.

Everything ranging from the roofing materials that we choose, to the tools and machinery we are equipped with as well as the roofing contractors that we provide our clients with, are carefully selected to increase the lifespan of your roof.

Roofling therefore is undoubtedly your best bet for any range of roofing services you might need.

Schedule a Free Inspection

If you feel your roof might be needing a major makeover or any form of repairs, simply contact us to schedule a free of cost roofing inspection, carried out by our highly knowledgeable roof restoration Number Five Farm team.

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